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What Our Clients Are Saying

I worked with Muska a few years ago and as a result of her exceptional work ethic, dedication and commitment to her clients and the legal community at large, I consulted her regarding a personal legal matter. She was truly a pleasure to work with and someone I would highly recommend regarding divorce and separation, alimony, and child custody.

Attorney [Yousuf] represented me through my divorce and was incredibly helpful navigating me through unfamiliar terminology and processes. Attorney [Yousuf] was very thorough throughout the proceedings confirming my understanding of what was happening, why it was happening, what was our directional logic, and the timeline of events. She helped me obtain a better and more fair outcome that that which I was pursuing on my own and I am extremely grateful for not only her legal guidance throughout the process, but also for her personal approach to counsel. I would (and have) highly recommended her to others in similar need.

I have had the opportunity to consult with attorney Nassery on a number of legal issues. I have always received well researched and accurate answers! Great attorney and human being.


The Law Office of Muska Yousuf focuses exclusively in the area of family and divorce law.  Our law office has handled complex family law matters involving custody, alimony, child support, the division of marital assets and debts, and restraining orders. Our unique flat fee model is designed to ensure clients can afford legal services without additional financial stress or depleting your family's nest egg. To learn more about our law firm, please click here.



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